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Projects I made on my own or heavily contributed to.


Web Design & Development


A static website showcasing one of ISG's projects..


Web Design, Development & DevOps

Berkmann18's GitHub.IO

My (previous) personal website hosted on GitHub Pages.


Web/Graphic Design, Development, AI & Project Management

Hands Down

Web app that discourages people from touching their face.


Web/Graphic Design, Development, DevOps & Project Management

Scriptovux Ltd

Identity for Scriptovux Ltd.

About me


Maximilian Berkmann

British lad who enjoys many things

I'm a passionate Computer Science student who enjoys speedcubing, computing, powerlifting and ultimate frisbee as well as helping others. I'm more of a web person but I also enjoy designing, programming and automating tasks.
I started getting into coding in late 2011 as I was starting my high school and then progressed from there. My favourite computer languages are JavaScript (ES10), Bash and HTML5.
I speak fluently in both English and French and have a beginner level in Spanish.
I'm eager to learn new things and improving not only myself but people and the environment around me.